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 JMBC consist of several programs for teams or multiple players as well as personal one-on-one training to enhance the athlete for competitive play. 

If you are player looking to improve your game for the high school season, or you are a parent looking for some help for your little leaguer, then look no further.

The game of baseball doesn't change at different ages, so why should it be taught differently at the little league level, the high school level, the college level, and the professional level?

I teach my little league players and my professional players the same techniques and drills I have learned during my MLB career as well as from players and coaches. Never again will they have to relearn something because they have reached a new level.

If, at the little league level, you are taught what MLB players are doing, this gives you an Advantage over those you are playing with/against. Playing the professional way at the high school level gives you a tremendous Advantage- it will help you make varsity as a freshman; it will help you become a sophomore starter; it will help you put away the hitter when you get him 0-2; it will help you develop a game plan while you are at the plate. Ultimately, it will give you the best opportunity to have your best season yet, and hopefully get that college scholarship, or that phone call in June.

Our coaching staff will introduce new pitching, catching, fielding, throwing and hitting information each day. Hitting instruction will focus on swing fundamentals and techniques. Fielding instruction will focus on proper footwork and glove positioning needed to perform catching and throwing techniques. Pitching/Catching specific instruction will include proper throwing and receiving mechanics. All fundamentals instruction will be age and experience specific. 

We offer personal lessons and online training.

We also can personalize off-season and in-season workout programs to get you to peak playing shape, and then keep you there.

We have an off-season strength and conditioning program.

We have online video analysis.

We have many drills and techniques that will help fix any flaws or problem areas.

We have programs for: speed and agility, arm strength, bat speed, base running, mental conditioning, team practice routines, position specific drills, and much, much more!!!!!!!!!!


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8004 Congress St.

8004 Congress St., Port Richey, Florida 34668 

    8004 Congress St.
    New Port Richey, Florida 34668

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